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The Independent Educational and Cultural Agency of the German Esperanto Association acts as the Intercultural Center Herzberg in cooperation with other public organizations with similar statuary goals. Their closest contacts and joint actions are carried out with ILEI – International Association of Esperantist Teachers and local Esperanto Association Sudharz. Our activities are recognized by the urban community and are useful for its members- as we promote tolerance for all aspects of culture and acceptance of "otherness". The Centre is situated in Herzberg am Harz, the Esperanto town, where we are true partners of municipal authorities in building a model town of intercultural dialogue. The residents of Herzberg are an ethnic mix of immigrants from Turkey, Greece, Albania, Russia, the former Yugoslavia, Romania ... Through the organization and participation in the city's intercultural events, we cooperate well with each other, carefully follow all efforts related to the care of cultures and traditions, "celebrate" together and are partners in local, regional and cross-border projects. The Educational and Cultural Center also meets the educational needs of all generations in the context of the "Lifelong Learning" Program of the European Commission. The trainers of the center engage with the city's educational and cultural institutions, offer organization of further training sessions, professional seminars, conferences, congresses, assistance in international cultural exchanges for both the young and the elderly. They also take care of the training and professional development of teachers for the needs of the European Esperanto movement. At the same time, the Center accepts trainees and volunteers from other countries and continents who stay temporarily in the town, work in the archive and the library, volunteer in other NGOs for the benefit of the community of the Esperanto-town.
Our participation in this project will include the organization of a seminar for all participants on the rights to one’s own culture and language (EU law and practice) and a presentation of methods for organizing conflict-free coexistence of various ethnic groups in Herzberg: "The process of transformation of the multicultural community into an intercultural one", with a presentation of minority cultures. In addition, we will organize a large intercultural festival during the Pentecost celebration, where the local ethnic culture and the culture of immigrants will be shown.

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