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Cultural Esperanto Association was founded 23 years ago, immediately after the political changes in 1990. The members of the association have cross-border contacts, and wish not only take the advantages of these but also widen them.
The Association has approx. 500 members in various categories, and during its 23-year-old existence accumulated experience through various activities.
We organized several seminars, local meetings for volunteers, activists, workshops, round tables, but for several years also organized international youth festivals with hundreds of participants of approx. 20 countries.
Nowadays we have mostly dealt with language teaching and internet technologies. We run an international news service, online courses to learn Esperanto, a virtual library of scientific and technical English books, and many others. We are concerned with the creation of cultural works, we have already published some books, launched national and international projects, give online services that are used and are useful not only for our members, but for all speakers of Esperanto either in Hungary or abroad.
Being an association dealing also with the education of the youth, we are aware of their present problems, social disadvantages and the economic situation around them.
In this project we will organize a seminar with the title "Common living area - acceptable with difficulties" and will explore the coexistence of ethnic minorities. We will also give technical support for project partners concerning ICT and help for the evaluation and preparation of final products.

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