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Katalin Kováts - direktoro de la Fondaĵo Sylvain Lelarge - sekretario Frisaj muzikgrupoj: Kajto kaj Kapriol'


The Foundation was created in response to the global demand for the training of teachers of Esperanto and to provide them and their audience, with a full range of non-formal education methods and teaching materials of all kinds. At the initiative of Katalin Kovats and with the help of Esperanto speakers from all over the world, the web site was created. To ensure its efficient and uninterrupted operation, The Foundation was established to manage this massive undertaking, serving approximately 3,600 members in 120 countries on all continents. Immediately, the site has become a common virtual space for all who organize language courses, preparing seminars for teachers and facilitators of programs on various subjects implemented in informal groups. It is used by teachers, academic lecturers and the International Academy of Sciences San Marino. The Foundation organizes and conducts international language exams according to the 6-stage Common European Framework of Reference for Languages approved by the European Commission. Certificates are issued by ELTE - Examination Center of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Last year a very difficult experiment was conducted - a simultaneous language exam in 29 cities in 17 countries, attended by 360 candidates, studying outside the formal education system. This year the second round of the exam is being prepared at the same time in many countries. The role of the Foundation in this project will be a two-year-long web hosting service: a special space for project related news, comprehensive information, reminders and a news system, discussion forums, project dissemination among the users of the website, designing of the events calendar, reports of meetings, seminars, events, providing a space where all partners will be able to submit their own materials in order to share and discuss them in a wider context, using the project products to create particular teaching materials and their distribution all over the world.
Moreover, the organization will host in the Netherlands a seminar for all partners combined with the opportunity to get to know and analyze the cultural characteristics of the Friesian region during their yearly street festival in Leewarden. Additionally, The Foundation will be responsible for the gallery of the project and its film archive, it will be surveying project participants, describing their experiences and present the results of the project.

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