Multlingve is a virtual community for teachers, course directors, and independent learners of Esperanto, the international language.

The web site, launched in 2001, provides more than one thousand ready-to-use resources, useful specialized information and services, and detailed presentations of approximately 500 published instructional and learning tools. It enables high-quality, modern, collaborative work based on a worldwide network of 4,000 Esperanto teachers from more than 120 countries.

The curator of the web site, Dr. Katalin Kováts, is a linguist and specialist in teaching methodology. A Hungarian currently living in the Netherlands, she works full time on the development and operation of the site. In addition to this work, she leads classroom-based courses during large Esperanto events. She is also actively involved in the training of Esperanto teachers (RITE) under the auspices of other organizations. In the fall of 2010 the web site will begin a new program for virtual instructor training, which will be a unique initiative within the Esperanto community.

In addition to these tasks, Katalin actively worked for the development and initiation of the new model for Esperanto certification exams, which were created in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Using the material created within the « Workshop » section of the web site, the popular booklet Poŝamiko [Pocket Friend] was published. So far 9000 copies have been printed. The book Manlibro pri Instruado de Esperanto [Handbook for the Teaching of Esperanto] edited by K. Kováts, is a basic reference for every Esperanto teacher

The first versions of the web site were developed with the support of the U.S.-based Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF).

The most recent and modern version was developed thanks to the community and sponsors of, who contributed a substantial sum to enable the continued existence of the web site, which since July 2009, has been under the guidance of the Foundation.

The World Esperanto Association (UEA) recognized the web site in 2008 for its outstanding contributions.

Translated by Lee Miller and Tim Westover

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